One of the suspects "killed people with kerosene"








A woman (20) out of the four people arrested in arson and murder case of Inzai-shi, Chiba prefecture, it turned out that it seems that she lived in this house for a while.

A boy who seems to be Mr. Yoshiko Ebihara (55) was found in a residential fire in Inzai that occurred on the 17th. On September 19, Kanno Yuhisa (20), Nakauchi Hayaji (20), Kanazaki Oya (20) and a girl (16) were arrested on suspicion of arson and murder.

According to investigation officials, one of the suspects said that he was talking to acquaintance, "I killed people by kerosene."

Also, Sugano was found to have been living in this house for a while.

Neighborhood residents "Young people were coming and going in about two weeks ago, the cars stopped frequently here"

Because Kanzaki Oya suspects left the house and went to work in the rural areas, they stayed in their cars as it was, and they stayed in the car for a while, Nakauchi Hayabusa Mr. Arrow joined us. "" I was in trouble with money because I can not do it because I have a 16-year-old boy, even though I try to make a live in. "

Police are investigating the relationship between Sugano and Ebihara who lived in this house in detail.

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